Internet marketing  activities these are  categories represent the full scope of marketing as the discipline is most commonly defined.

The Internet provides organizations with ways to greatly enhance the extent to which a given product satisfies customers. Clearly, online firms can engage in marketing activities and services that enhance their product-offerings in ways that traditional, in-store organizations cannot. The Internet will have a huge impact on how products are distributed to customers especially on the distribution of those products that can be digitized. Most of these are free. Internet advertising is especially powerful in its ability to target specific, appropriate segments of customers. This provides them with the ability to provide the customer with extensive, relevant information almost immediately. Of course, all computer software is in a digital format, and thus could be sold and distributed to people directly on the Internet. . An important point, however, is that on-line seller generally had not yet been able to charge a premium for the differentiated goods they sell via the Internet. Firms realize mutual dependencies, and are unlikely to engage in destructive pricing behavior. Further, consumers are willing to pay higher prices for increased selection and shopping convenience, which on-line shopping clearly provides. The internet marketing success is the primary and ultimate goal of any business concern that comes in the era of internet marketing or making or doing their business online. They are basically using the internet as a medium of marketing of their product. Finance requirement is fulfilled like you can use free resources, but if you want to look and be taken seriously, you need to spend some money and buy a domain name and get hosting for your site. There are some special points that must keep in mind because they are essentials of the Internet marketing success. Some of the resources you might need are the software to follow-up with your clients (auto-responder), free products to give away, product to sell (preferably your own) and sales page. You will never have the perfect plan. You will always be adding or taking away from it. All the tips will not earn you any income, only action can do that. Put a good plan together and then implement it. If you have the finance, you could use other things like google adwards.

Done properly and advertising an in demand product, this could bring you immediate profits.