Over the past several decades, marketing has been evolving toward a new main logic.Thinking about why does marketing have to change. Marketing is much debated at the moment it seems, as evidence mounts that current interruptive communication techniques are increasingly seen as intrusion. The experience not the product or the service should be at the center of theory and practice. Actually, politely points in a new direction in the typically inaccessible language of academe.

Marketing is a significant percentage of the cost of doing business for many companies, so the return on  Internet marketing investments is coming under intense scrutiny. Consumer resistance to marketing is a growing proven phenomenon. However, as a student of traditional advertising and marketing communications, I believe that we do not consume marketing communications in the same way anymore. The good companies have berated the  Internet marketing communications industry for failing to offer up viable cost-effective alternatives to deliver growth through marketing communications. Then what are positive and negative sides of Internet marketing?  Internet marketing  sometimes referred to as the e-marketing or the online marketing, is the marketing strategy for the services or the products applied through the use of Internet. Due to the low-cost and the global nature of the Internet, the Internet marketing concept is gaining some rapid popularity. The other cause of the popularity of this concept is the interactive nature of the Internet. The disadvantage of Internet marketing is that  people are not aware of the latest technologies this Internet marketing strategies could go in vein. On other hand, customers could have the lack of experience on feeling the product.

The positive side of Internet marketing is  that  you could include the demographics targeting by the online marketers, measurability, customer response and the immediate results and also   there is the one-on-one interaction between the manufacturer and the customer. The mails or the messages are sent to the customers in bulk but when the customers are opening the mailboxes, they are getting the mail addressed directly to customers.